What is Broken Telephone‭?‬
The show consists of a long and special process where the artists actually played broken telephone with each other and‭ "‬whispered‭ " ‬their creations in an order determined in advance‭. ‬Broken Telephone‭ ‬tries to re-examine the concept of interpersonal communication in the current technological age. We are interested in where and how the meaning gets lost or changed along the way. How many times we didn't understand the meaning of an sms message received‭, ‬or what the video your friend shared says about his welfare today‭?
‬The meanings vary between mediums‭.‬

Broken Telephone tries to create a discussion of art and the connection between different mediums‭, ‬but is also a kind of metaphor for our daily lives in a sea of information that we absorb and pass on‭.‬

Order in the Chaos.
This is how it all began

1‭. ‬We assembled a team of 20‭ ‬artists in
various fields‭.‬

2‭. ‬We created a thread in which each artist got
two weeks to create a‭ "‬whisper‭" (‬creation‭) ‬of
5‭ ‬minutes maximum‭.‬

3‭. ‬Then we passed the‭ "‬whisper‭" ‬over to the next artist‭. ‬That continues until the end of the thread‭. ‬Simple math says that 20‭ ‬multiplied by two weeks each is 40‭ ‬weeks work total of all‭ "‬whispers‭".‬

4‭. ‬When all the‭ "‬whispers‭" ‬are finished there will be one show of all the‭ "‬whispers‭", ‬in their original order‭, ‬one after the other‭ (‬and some may even merge with each other‭).‬

5‭. ‬In that show‭, ‬that will be about an hour long‭,
we can see the game being played between all the creators resurrected on one stage‭, ‬in one very special night‭.‬
The idea was conceived by
Yael Shinkar

Project creators‭, ‬artistic management and production
Yael Shinkar‭, ‬Itay Zur‭ ‬&‭ ‬Lilah Yaron

Director‭ ‬
Roy Hertz Russo

All the creators

Noam Helfer‭, ‬Yehu Yaron‭, ‬Anastasia Sadomski‭,
Dan Alon‭ ‬&‭ ‬Shani Broner‭, ‬Eyal Yonati‭ ‬&‭ ‬Gidi Raz

Spoken Word
Maya Zax‭. ‬Tzvia Margaliot‭, ‬Arik Eber

Gilad Kahana‭, ‬Renana Raz‭, ‬Ariel Bronz‭,
Nataly Zukerman‭, ‬Maya Elran‭, ‬Daniel Landau‭,
Yael Rasooly‭ (‬Puppet theatre‭)‬

Artour Astman‭, ‬Takanori Kawaharada‭, ‬Saar Magal

Masha Manapov

Light Designer Uri Rubinstein
Sound Designer Oded Gazit-Naor
Stage Designer Zohar Shoef
Costume Designer Tirtza Shatz
Backstage Producer Chen Gazit-Naor
Backstage Yuval Barel‭, ‬Gal Henik

©Yael Shinkar. All Rights Reserved