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About me:

I’m passionate about influential and smart infographics design and see the journalistic channels as those with the biggest potential to create impact. In the last decade I’ve worked with dozens of content editors at four different newspapers in Israel and many more private customers, so I would be exposed to a huge variety of data and then to process it into accessible and beautiful infographics.


Commisioned Books:
Essential Works - UK

Infographic Guide to Music
Infographic Guide to Literature
Infographic Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything
Infographic Guide to Sport
Infographic Guide to Movies

Images Publishing Group - Shanghai
Visual Story Telling - Infographic Design in News

Pie Internation - Japan
Make It Visible: Informative & Cool Infographics:
Maps, Charts, Pictograms & More

Brand Magazine - China
BranD No.41, Infographics Communication:
Your Infographics Times

Teaching & Lectures:

2023-Present: Developed and taught a new infographic course that encourages students to go outside their known disciplines‭, ‬ask questions‭, ‬explore and collect data‭, ‬edit and finally convey a message in a clear‭, ‬simple visual form

College of Management
2017-2018: Lecturer of a new course
“Infographics - Mappings and Diagrams”.
Construction of a new course on Infographic Design.

Guest speaker:

The Israeli Visualization Conference
at ISVIS Conferance 2019 @ Shenkar College, Israel

The Open University of Israel
Infographic practise and lesson

Siur Mochot
Infographics in journalism‬

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