Womans Day came and left. With one difference. @the israel women's network made a post with one question what word most irritates you as a woman? The most irritating word was: calm down the second was husband (in Hebrew) which translates to owner
Don’t Buy Me a Rose

G Magazine (Globes), 2021
Language: Hebrew

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the US left the White House.
When he took office, the US economy was in an abysmal state. He managed to reignite it.

Obama-Fun, The END

Calcalist Newspaper, 2017
Language: Hebrew
Editor: Tamar Tunik

Weizmann Institute of Science

Editor: Ido Eitan

Commissioned Infographic illustrations
for several books. 
Infographic Guide to...

Cassell Illustrated, 2013-2014
Octopus Publishing Group Ltd
©Essential Works Ltd

Infographic Guide to the Movies
Author: Karen Krizanovich

Infographic Guide to Music
Author: Graham Betts

Infographic Guide to Literature
Author: Johanna Eliot

Infographic Guide to Sports
Author: Daniel Tatarsky

Infographic Guide to Life, the Universe
and Everything

Author: Thomas Eaton

Experiences and hot trends of the aviation industry
Chinese and Indian men
will conquer the sky

Calcalist Newspaper, 2019
Language: Hebrew
Editor: Adi Barak

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